About us

Our Story

It's all started when a man found an used rolling machine...

The founder of the current AKAO ALUMI company, Shiro Akao, created his own company firstly called “Akao Aluminum Industry 赤尾アルミニューム工業” just 2 years after the World War II. In 1947, at 27, Akao Shiro, who was in the army, was shot in the shoulder and returned to Japan, where the war ended in Tokyo. At that time, Tokyo was a burnt wasteland. The Akao family firstly started to earn money by selling japanese noodles and with the money saved, he bought a rolling mill machine for aluminum slugs. Without any founding vision at first instance, Shiro Akao’s main intention was to survive and be useful to the Japanese society. A vision still leading modern Akao Aluminum company, aiming to keep being a leading company 75 years later and become a century company usefull to the world.

Our Mission

From the production of aluminum continuing to contribute to the development of Japan and the world and enriching people’s lives.

Our Values

SAFETY: of our products made from our factories

SECURITY: of our working conditions and final items

STABILITY: ensuring high quality products over time 

NEWNESS: Constantly evolving to respond to future demands

We strive to become a 100 years old company useful to the world

Our Dedication

From aluminum and More

Aluminium Material

We produce aluminum rolled sheet materials made-to-order in our factory in Nerima, Tokyo, JAPAN.

Aluminium Cookware

Our products are made from our own aluminum material which has good thermal conductivity. Aluminum has an excellent durability and is well-appreciated by its light weight.


We aim to improve food self-sufficiency rate by producing tomatoes, japanese shiitake mushrooms, Tofu, and more.

Now, we are about to take a steady step further toward the world. A new goal inspires motivation. The future of Akao Aluminum advancing into global is as limitless as the sky”
We believe that we are also an active, humane, and vibrant thought company that aspires to the Japanese society of tomorrow”

Company founder

Shiro Akao

“Since we are a medium sized company, we will utilize flexible mobility and teamwork efficiently, keep up with changing needs, and will strive to become a 100 year old company and one that is needed by the world.”

Current representative Director and President

Kiyoshi Ando

“Based on my father and founder's philosophy of "Following the path of humanity", we are constantly devoting ourselves to contributing to the creation of Japanese manufacturing and people”

Director and Chairman

Yumi Akao