Aluminium Traditional Oyako Pot

Product Descriptions

  • Dimensions:
    0009014) 19.6cm x 18.3cm x 19.3cm (7.72″ x 7.20″ x 7.60″) 
    0085904) 31.0cm x 16.5cm x 13.0cm (12.20″ x 6.50″ x 5.12″) 
  • Weight:
    0009014) 184g (0.41lb) 
    0085904) 165g (0.36lb) 
  • Material: Aluminium 
  • Durability: The product is made of aluminium which enables to use it for a long time with excellent corrosion and wear resistance. 
  • Professional Quality Product: Hammered pattern makes its surface larger and conducts heat well. This pan has a wooden handle and is specially designed for making Japanese rice-bowl recipes.
  • Easy to Clean: It is easy to remove stains with scrubbing cookware using an abrasive sponge.