The story begins at the end of the World War II, Tokyo rebombing cut the whole city’s output in half. At that time Tokyo burned under B-29 firebomb assault, in 26 May 1945 and was a burnt wasteland.

The Akao family firstly started to earn money by selling japanese noodles and with the money saved, he bought a rolling mill machine for aluminum strip. 


In 1947, at 27, Akao Shiro, who was in the army, was shot in the shoulder and returned to Japan, where the war ended in Tokyo. Founder Akao Shiro launched Akao Aluminium industry to mainly manufacture and sell rolled products of aluminum and started at Shimura Tokyo factory.


Our company started producing kitchen cookware division.


AKAO ALUMI advanced into the production of circular shape 1 Japanese yen currency “Engyo” and began to deliver circular currencies inside Japan. 

The hot rolling mill was updated to a DC drive two-stage reversible type manufactured by Hitachi, Ltd., and the rolling capacity improved to 500 tons a month.


Changed the company name from Akao Aluminum Industry to Akao Aluminum Corporation.


We succeeded in commercializing aluminum sound absorbing material aluminum fiber which was promoting research and development.


Acquired ISO 9002 certification at the head company factory. Later, Akao Alumi will be getting the ISO 9001 certification. 




Merging of Akao Aluminum Hitetsu Hanbai Co., Ltd. and Akao Aluminum Corporation into Akao Aluminum Co., Ltd. New headquarters completed in the head company factory.  Akao Aluminum Hanbai Co., Ltd.  merged with 7 companies.


Built a reinforced concrete 4 floor factory and headoffice (4,600 ㎡) at Narimasu, Tokyo. 


Changed the organization from division system to headquarters system. Introduction of integrated robot equipment for large slugs. New annealing furnace (electric furnace) for plate products. Updated dust collector for melting equipment.


2019 has been the year of a new step in the agri-food business. We started the productions of our own agriculture at our farm site in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture. We are engaged to bring the best and most secured agriculture process in the cultivation of cherry tomatoes and  processing food such as tofu exclusively using soybeans from Japan. We also started a new challenge in the cultivation of Japanese Shiitake mushrooms. 


Starting our international division to expand our brand overseas. We strongly believe that the high quality of MADE IN JAPAN products will be helpful to our customers from all over the world. We guarantee our a customers long-lasting items produced from our experience made along 75 years of activity in Japan. 


Celebrating the 75th anniversary, since the creation of AKAO ALUMINUM and aiming to celebrate our 100th anniversary. As a new challenge, we hope to introduce our products to the world and contribute to the expension of the Japanese Know-How guaranteeing high-quality products.