Our Products

We provide professional quality aluminum products for professional and personal use

Aluminium Products for Storing and Serving

Our lightweight, durable, high conductive aluminum pans and trays keep ingredients fresh

Aluminium Products for Cooking

We proudly provide lightweight, high thermal conductive, corrode and wear resistant aluminum cookware

We are now shipping to worldwide!

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Ship from Japan to worldwide!

Our engagement

As a 75th old company and aiming to reach 100 years of brand history, we are engaged to promote the quality of Aluminum kitchenware items, popular among Japan professional stores and restaurants. We believe that long-lasting tools will bring the best experience to our customers and thus we are committed to also deliver our MADE IN JAPAN items to the world. Aluminum is well-known for its light weight allowing our customers to go beyond their expectations and enjoy cooking delicious meals. 

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Our items are 100% MADE IN JAPAN!

We produce our own Kitchenware items in our factories in Gunma and Tochigi prefecture in Japan, made from our own aluminum production. We are delivering our aluminum material from our main factory in Tokyo Japan allowing the best traceability of our products. This process is also guarantiying our customers to receive the best quality and most secured items.

We also focus on key benefits, by using our service we make sure our customers can get the best of Aluminum and be satisfied on the long term when using our products and service. 

75 years of experience
We aim to reach 100 years of AKAO ALUMI!

Valued company in Japan
Recommended by both professional and private customers

Dedicated Support available in JAPANESE, ENGLISH and FRENCH

Aluminum recycling
We are comitted to protect the environment by avoiding any waste and recycling our own products instead of wasting non-usable items

All our items are 100% MADE IN JAPAN
All products are directly made from our own factories in Gunma and Tochigi prefecture

The quality of our items are thoroughly checked before any shipment